Money Talks Truck Finance Program
Rates as low as 5.9%

No Down Payment

Using this exclusive finance program, You will never need a down payment for your truck program again. A one time 50% security deposit is put on the first truck and pushed from truck to truck even when the price goes up on subsequent trucks (up to 25%) The great thing about security deposits compared to  a down payments is with a down payment you never get your deposit back, while your get a 100% of your security deposit back when you complete the finance program and no longer need an additional truck.   

Make Money every time you upgrade your truck

Since you will never need a down payment and you only need to come up with a security deposit once on your first truck. Every time you upgrade your truck you can sell your old truck and keep the money to spend how you want instead of using it towards the down payment of your next truck and adding savings in order to have enough for the down payment on the next truck.  You essentially get a huge bonus every time you upgrade your truck.

Flexability on your Truck

This program allows most truck or trailer types: 

Short Haul, Long Haul, Sleepers, Gliders, Yellow Iron, Trailers.

No restrictions on age or mileage of the vehicle

Trucks from $40,000 to $140,000 are elligible for this program

Borrower Qualifications

Credit is almost completely disregarded except for pricing. Previous bankruptcies, foreclosures, too much debt, not enough credit, repossesions, or credit scores under 500 FICO will not stop you from getting approved in most cases. Non-CDL holding owners, new to owner operating, lack of tax returns, new to trucking, new business wil not hold you back with this program.

You or a driver hired by your company must possess a CDL License, ability to earn enough money to meet your expenses, have immediate work, DOT numbe of haul source, three months banks statementsand funds for a security deposit in your bank. Your company must be an LLC or corporation.

Five Year Finacing Term Example

$100,000 Truck with “C” credit 550 FICO

3% Origination for truck financing $3,000.

$895 Doc Prep Fee 

$50,0000 Security deposit

No down payment, $100,000 Loan at 11.9% on a five year term. 

Monthly payment would be  under $1,110 on a $100,000 Truck with no down payment. 

No finance company is even close to this rate with a 550 FICO client.  Get your entire security deposit back at the end of the financing term if you choose too.


Amazing Rates

 From authorized trusted dealers only 

AAA Credit Grade 750 + FICO 5.9% 

AA Credit  700 – 750 FICO 7.9%

A credit 650 – 700 FICO 7.9%

B credit  600 – 650 FICO 10.9%

C credit 550 – 600 FICO 13.9% – Temp Paused

D credit  500 – 550 FICO 13.9%  – Temp Paused

F Credit 500 or less FICO 15.9% – Temp Paused

Repo, bk, corp or personal bring you down one grade. If F Credit add .5% per incident

New driver or in busienss less than three years add 1% to the rate. Trucks older than 5 years or 1 million miles add 1% to the rate. Owner does not posses a CDL add 1%.